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Lisanne Rogers


Lisanne Rogers


Writer | Mother | Wife | Athlete

Lisanne Rogers grew up in London, Ontario. She has an English Literature degree from the University of Western Ontario, a JD from the University of Victoria, and a Master’s of Law from Fordham University.

Lisanne’s personal essays have been published in The Good Men Project, USA Triathlon, and White Wall Review.

She is on the Board of Aspen Words.

A mountain enthusiast, she lives in Old Snowmass, Colorado with her husband, two dogs and one cat. They have three children, college age and above.

Published Articles

“Lisanne Rogers’ My Fairy Tale explores a love that doesn’t typically rush to our minds when we think of that little four letter word. It explores a love that is deeply intimate and natural. Rogers’ telling of maternal love reveals deep presumptions that are often shelled out too quickly, without regard for the bonds that lay between mother and child. Non-fiction is happy to present My Fairy Tale as our submission to White Wall Review’s “All Kinds of Love” issue. Our collective hope is that this text allows us to take a second look at our lives, as all great non-fiction does.”
–Natalie Cito and Nitin Dhupar, Non-Fiction Editors

Changing View

Motherwell Magazine
October 2nd, 2023

Home perches on five acres of sage and pinon in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Hundreds of elk migrate in the fall, the coyotes howl on winter nights, and our children have grown and moved away. My husband travels for work, but this year feels different without our kids in the house. 

My Fairy Tale

White Wall Review
February 18th, 2022

Walking along the sidewalk a few days before my parents’ October anniversary, I count out the months until my April birthday – a little over six months. It is 1975, my mom is clad in bell bottoms, and I am eight years old. Hmm. Wait. I try the math again. How can this be?

Still Here

The Good Men Project
November 28th, 2021

The early February sun envelops my skin like a blessing. I inhale a salty breath as I listen to the beat of the waves. I look out at the Atlantic Ocean and think of the hidden life below this body of water. My toes stretch and curl in the damp sand as if coming out of hibernation. At last, a real beach.

Black Forest Cake

White Wall Review
February 11th, 2021

A few months ago, while visiting my widowed mother in her new, smaller home, I came across a brown box in the basement. “Lisanne High School” was written in black sharpie along the side.

Triathlon: Making Small Moments I Will Never Forget
November 19th, 2019

Growing up, my mother put an emphasis on appearance.  When I headed out the door as a teenager, my mom would call out, “Don’t forget to put your lipstick on!” 

A Dad Gives His Daughter the Legacy of Strength

The Good Men Project
March 19th, 2015

My husband, Jim, is 52 but looks younger. His brown hair has just started to gray above his ears. He is a lanky six foot two and walks on the balls of his feet, with the energy of a Duracell battery.

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